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How to get 100+ years of entrepreneurial wisdom every week

Thanks to the advent of video on the web content creation is getting more and more niche.  One of those niches is entrepreneurship.  Videos are popping up all over the web that have incredible insights from some of the best, most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

The tipping point for me was getting setup so I could watch it on my big screen TV from the comfort of my couch.  To my surprise it’s super easy to hookup your laptop to your TV, it took me less than 15 minutes and cost me less than $100.  Here’s a link to connect your laptop to your TV and here’s a mouse that will work on your couch.

Here are some of my favorites websites with videos for Entrepreneurs:

  • TWIST (this week in start-ups) - Probably my favorite, Jason Calacanis does 2 hour interviews with top entrepreneurs, venture capitalist and business experts focused around educating and motivating start-ups.  The site is hard to navigate through older episodes, but their are some gems hidden in there.
  • Mixergy - Similar to this week in start-ups but the interviews are 1 hour and the video quality is poor (just two people on web cams talking back and forth) but the content is golden.
  • Stanford - Presentations and interviews with entrepreneurs well organized and each video is separated by topic so you can quickly get the content you want.
  • Harvard - A video archive that captures insights from leading members of the school’s entrepreneurial community.
  • Business Week - Their series Fresh profiles standout start-ups before they
    become household names.
  • Forbes - A video archive with tons of content in various categories from billionaires to celebrities.
  • Inc. TV - Interviews a wide range of entrepreneurs on topics like marketing and hiring in short 2 minute video clips.
  • Open Forum (American Express) - Lots of great content broken out by subject in 1 - 5 minute video clips.
  • Ted - “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.”
  • Fora TV - A series of great videos, mostly from conferences, that claim to make you smart.
  • The Rise To the Top - A daily video show by David Siteman Garland, the show covers business and marketing tips & tricks, how to advice, social media marketing, tech etc.
  • D&B Digital TV - Professionally produced Videos focusing on different categories of business such as internet technology, manufacturing, sales etc.
  • Bnet - Professional interviews done on very specific business issues.
  • YouTube - 7,620 (and growing) play lists other people have put together of entrepreneur related videos (this could keep you busy for a looooong time)

All the links above are available on this delicious account

Know any other great sources for entrepreneur related videos? Go ahead and share them in the comments.

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