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Got Amazon stock?

I just got my Kindle Fire last week.  Then I ordered 3 more, one for my roommates birthday and one for each of my parents.  At $199 this is a sexy no brainier and it’s already the #1 selling product on Amazon and has been since launch 6 weeks ago.  Unfortunately they don’t release their numbers but those numbers are going to be big.

The real magic behind the Fire is how seamless it is to buy digital movies, books, magazines, music and apps.  I spent over $30 within the first hour on the device renting a movie, buying a book and several apps, all with just 1 to 2 clicks.  Even my tech un-savvy Dad was buying away when I showed him my Kindle. 

Where the iPad is great for creating, the Kindle is great for consuming.  And all that digital content consumption is going to bring in serious revenue and profits for Amazon.  The fact that the Kindle Fire is both sexy and affordable will ensure tens of millions of people end up using it to purchase tons of digital content. 

This is the turning point for Amazon, they went from being a top seller of hard goods to also being a top seller of digital goods.  The next 5 years are going to be up and to the right because of this brilliant move.  Buy the stock now (at $187) and let’s revisit how much money you made 5 years from now. :)

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